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Live tileset preview!


Live animated character demo!



A basic animated character + Spriter source files.

Over 200 square tiles and level/background building elements.

Construct 2 source files for the character demo.


Animated Character


  • Jump (ascend+peak+fall)
  • Run
  • Crouch
  • Get Hit
  • Idle
  • Climb


  • Ready-to-use Spriter project in two sizes - about 350px tall source and ~80px tall as seen in the demo.
  • Each limb as a separate image (3 for each leg plus 1 extra for showing the character from the back, 1 for each arm, a torso front and back, and head front and back)
  • Exported vertical animation strips at 20fps (you can generate these yourself with the free version of Spriter).
  • Construct 2 .capx file containing the Animated Character Demo from the second link.


This pack contains 105 OVER 200 400(!) tiles and decorative elements! It consists of a basic spring-themed set as seen in the live demo, and a fully compatible frosted/winter version.

Each of these sets is divided into three main categories: "background + decorations", "scene building blocks" and "props". Tiles are designed with 64x64 in mind, but 32x32 seems to work decently too (that's the res on the promo pic).

Both sets consist of the following core blocks and props.


  • Modular tree (build your own different trees! Also winter pines)
  • Tree leaves (4)
  • Bushes (3)
  • Example background gradient
  • Berry
  • Flowers (4)
  • Mushrooms (3)
  • Grass (6)
  • Moss (4)
  • Snowmam kit
  • Christmas tree decorations (Different colored lights, stars, colored glass balls)
  • Snow banks
  • Icicles

Level Building

  • Ladder (2)
  • Platforms (3)
  • Ground blocks(18) (+ Winter variants)
  • Cracked ground blocks (3 "cracked"levels for each block) (+ Winter variants)
  • Darker "background" blocks(18) (+ Winter variants)
  • Grass covers for the blocks (9)
  • Ladder (2)
  • Platform (3)
  • Platform err...groove thing. You know, a groove that platforms ride in. Used to indicate which way they move.
  • Rope (3)
  • Spikes (+ Winter ice spikes)
  • Ladder-style beanstalk (2)
  • Shadows (3)


  • Key
  • Coin
  • Star
  • Two signposts (exclamation/question mark)
  • Crate (Closed only)
  • Crate (Open and Closed)
  • Large Stone
  • Balloon
  • Chest (Open and Closed)

Included are 512x512(!!) .png source files as well as .psd files used to create this set (for various reasons they're easier to modify than raw .png's...have fun Photoshop users! :)). There's also a brief tutorial on how the level fragment visible in the promo image was made.

I did my best to make this pack complete (i.e. you can make a game out of it right off the bat) and at the same time flexible. Some simple image editing will be required to get the most out of this set (most notably combining ground blocks with their grass covers), but it also works just fine right out of the box. You can check out my twitter and facebook to follow my progress and track upcoming sets. I'm very keen on feedback about this package - is it useful? are there technical issues? is the price right? would you like to see more? Note: no game characters included, no animations (although the chest does have an open and closed state :)). Thanks for reading this far, have a great day! :)

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GenreAdventure, Platformer
Tags2D, Fantasy, jumping, tiles


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can this be used in a comercial game? If so, is there any other requirements such as leaving you in the credits?

Thanks for the great work :)

Still well worth the price!


Thanks! =)