Merry Christmas! 2019 Beta is Live!

It's just a tad early for Christmas wishes, but this might be my last chance before New Years' so here we are :)

2019 Beta Changelog:

Major feature: all icons cleaned up and reworked.

  •  For now I've removed the .PSD source file. It makes the project 5x smaller. Let's see if anyone complains?
  • I incorporated some suggestions found online for new icons.
  • Icons now have borders around them and a mid tonal range making them "resistant" to both light and dark backgrounds.
  • Removed donation suggestion. Just grab them and have fun, I'm not going to guilt-trip you ;)
  • A couple of icons are still coming, but I wanted to be on time for Christmas with as many as I could.

While I was here I also delisted some older projects I found not up to my standards.

Looking forward to your feedback. I'll be checking the comments here and on Twitter/FB.

Happy holidays ladies and gentlemen, keep exploring game development!

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