A downloadable asset pack

Fantasy icons, 64x64, 128x128 + 512x512 source files. Oh! And they're free :) Have fun!

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GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, armor, Fantasy, Icons, sword, User Interface (UI), Weapons


RavenmoreIconPack_2017.zip 11 MB
RavenmoreIconPack_2019_Beta.zip 1 MB
RavenmoreIconPack2023.zip 28 MB

Install instructions

Download, unpack and...that's it ;) Have fun!

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License to use?

Basically make as many free or paid games as you want =) Don't resell as is, or as part of another pack. That's about it =)


I've used the gold icon in my game Adarin Farm that you can check here:


Thanks a lot for this awesome pack,



Hi, I'm working on a puzzle game with your icons:


Perfect icons! I used it in my gamebook: https://llstd.com/gamebook-pocket-rpg/ beautifull work!

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Congratulations on completing the game! No easy feat in itself :) 

As always I'm curious if there are any icons you wished were in the pack.

Haven't updated it in a LOOONG time...but you never know :)

Ravenmore - here are the one picture, where you can see you icons in inventory. 

I think the most missing icon is the "KEY".  I need to find similar icon elsewhere.

And I dont like the # on a coin. Maybe nothing or crown will be better. 

Is there a 512 px resolution of icons from 2017 somewhere to download?


Hm, key icon. Can be done I think!

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Hi :D

I am making a game with your icons. They are more than perfect for my match-3 RPG game! :)

You can see more info here if you are interested

Keep up the great work, Ravenmore! Your assets are amazing.

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They look great! What's the license on these icons? I.e. can I use them for a commercial product and (how) should I credit you?

In a perfect world - one key is for use in a single commercial product. Though obviously I don't go around checking how many games people have made with a single license ;) I'll be like WinRAR and leave it to your conscience ;)

These are super nice! Are you okay with them being used for a card game?

Sure! I always love to hear about projects that go far and use my icons :) Good luck!

Much fantastical. :-)


Many thanks!