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Hello. Love your pack. Ever thought of making a side scroll version of this? I'd love to see it.

Hi! Thank you :) Hm...haven't considered this, didn't realize there's a need!


All I need now is UI elements that can fit in with this pack :)

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Let me know if you found a good one. I'd like to do something with this. -Nevermind, with open-source being disallowed, I won't be moving forward.

I also decided to use other assets. I got a complete game kit on Craftpix which had all that I needed including UI.

I downloaded the bundle but the rar file is corrupted. Could you please check that?

tks a lot!

Wow! Thanks for the heads up, good catch! I'm away from work so I'll check this out first thing Wednesday, thanks for understanding :)

Wonder how long it's been that way :-0

why .rar?

No real reason, is it a problem?

Not anymore, this was one of my first times even seeing .rar instead of .zip and i was like what the heck is this lol

Ah, cool. I can provide a zip too, no prob!

What license is applied to these assets?

Amazing! Keep up the great work

Using for a game-jam submission, I was hoping to open source the game after the jam is over. What are your thoughts on how to handle something like this, or should I use different assets for the jam? I wouldn’t be including the originals, just the assets after imported into the engine. Guessing a license would need to be attached to the assets, with no-reuse, but it’s the internet…

Correction, it is Defold, and the source pngs must be referenced to pull them into the game.

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Took me a while to respond:
I'm still debating this, but according to my latest license draft the answer would be no: as in its current form the license states that it can't be used in forms that allow for easy extracting and reuse without buying a license. In other words redistributing my stuff without my control. That would include open source games and asset store templates.

I'm still wondering about this since I love open source, game jams, and all the good stuff. On the other hand I also put tons of effort into these packs and want to respect myself and my hard work :) I also want them to be distributed in a certain way, controlled for quality.

I'm preparing that license right now, might take a moment to settle though. Huge shout out to all of you who kept reminding me to finally prepare a proper license.

Right on, and I understand. I’ve been sleeping on a shmup ship generator for a while now, so might be time to dust it off and get procedural for open source and game jam projects. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

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Hi, can I use this for a commercial game?

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No need to credit me in the game, just link back here so more people can enjoy the goodness :) Good luck!



can this be used in a comercial game? If so, is there any other requirements such as leaving you in the credits?

Awesomeness :)

Thank you so much! :)

hi just wondering how i use these? it seems to be a single file when i download it

You need to extract the file using 7zip or winrar.

Hi Ravenmore, have I already acquired this package in graphicriver any possibility of updating it?

I'm not really working with Graphicriver at the moment, but can you PM me your email? I think I have a way to handle this :)
Err, not sure if has PMs, but you can always get in touch via Twitter DM or there's a contact form on my site. Links in my profile.

Amazing! Which license is included?

Man, I almost forgot!
I use the GDM PRO license template to make things simple

(+)One commercial project/purchase, commercial and personal use allowed.
(-) Don't make a logo out of this, or resell without the project you used it for.

Though I don't go after you with lawyers if you happen to use these for multiple projects. (Not yet, anyway ;)) But it is a nice gesture, especially at this price point!