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Starter Set of 2D space shooter sprites, pixel-art stylized. 128x128 with 2px blocks, or 256x256, 4px blocks.


  • Player ship [Two colors, 2 turning frames]
  • Enemies [2 with 1 turning frame, 3 colors each]
  • Mine [Layered]
  • Explosion animations [2x 9 frames each]
  • Bullets [3 colors and 3 sizes each]
  • Exhaust animation [6 frames]
  • Platform tiles [4 base + 4 corners + 2 edge tiles]
  • Turret mount + turret [4 colors]
  • Turret gun barrel
  • Asteroids [4]
  • Seamless backgrounds [2]
  • Shadows [all of the above, except mines]

Sprites come in 2 sizes: 256x256,128x128. Suitably pixelated.

Each sprite as a single separate .png file.

Hope you'll have fun with these! :)

Note: There's also a regular [not pixel-stylized] high-res version with even larger source files available here:

PS. Font used in the screenshots is FiveByFive:

Perfect for your game UI if you're using these assets :)

PS2 Want more? Shout! Speak up! Let me know in the comments :)


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$5.00 $0.00 USD or more

Click download now to get access to the following files:

PixelSpaceRage_2018.2.rar 1 MB

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can this be used in a comercial game? If so, is there any other requirements such as leaving you in the credits?

Awesomeness :)

Thank you so much! :)

hi just wondering how i use these? it seems to be a single file when i download it

You need to extract the file using 7zip or winrar.

Hi Ravenmore, have I already acquired this package in graphicriver any possibility of updating it?

I'm not really working with Graphicriver at the moment, but can you PM me your email? I think I have a way to handle this :)
Err, not sure if has PMs, but you can always get in touch via Twitter DM or there's a contact form on my site. Links in my profile.

Amazing! Which license is included?

Man, I almost forgot!
I use the GDM PRO license template to make things simple

(+)One commercial project/purchase, commercial and personal use allowed.
(-) Don't make a logo out of this, or resell without the project you used it for.

Though I don't go after you with lawyers if you happen to use these for multiple projects. (Not yet, anyway ;)) But it is a nice gesture, especially at this price point!