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NICE. I've always been a fan of this genre of game (vertically scrolling).

I made a game using this great asset!

Check it out:

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Ravenmore. Can you choose the Licenses for your products? People need to know what they are allowed to do with your assets.


Thanks for reminding me, I have a 1.0 license file uploaded to this project. Shout if you find any no-no's, unclear paragraphs, anything missing etc.

Hi bro! Can I use this asset in an open source project? Specifying that graphics cannot be used before going through here.

Unfortunately, I just bought this to find out the license disallows use in open-source. :'(

Why I cant buy it? this is cool tho

Im not sure? I do see a buy button that seems to work. What is the exact problem?

Im trying to buy it but when I enter my card or even paypal It is giving me an error. Maybe its on itch's end.

I’m going to use this in some educational programming projects, and the turret is a nice surprise that it’s included!

What do I need to do to give you credit? What license is it?


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Hey mate, Firstly, love the work you've put into this asset pack. It's amazing!

Secondly.  Do you know if the XML Atlas is compatible with Phaser3? I've tried loading it into Phaser3 and while the full texture atlas gets loaded, I can't seem to target individual graphics. Do you know if the naming convention int he XML is compatible with Phaser 3? I've tried looking around but haven't been able to find much info on it so though I would try here.

Edit. Or do you reckon you could export a json file for the atlas too instead of just the XML?

Thanks for your great work mate!

I have truly no idea, and currently no modifications are planned. I used a spritesheet generator, I forget the name, there are quite a few out there. 

Hey, I really love this pack and wanted to use it to built my first iOS App. Would it be possible to get another color option? (To be more detailed about this: I need also blue Enemy Ships and maybe green player ships)


Sure, I'll give it a shot. But it might take a few days :)

That's awesome man, thank you very much! :)

Hey I wanted to ask you if you came to some progress?

*2 months passed* Not yet! :-O
But I'll do it today after work :D

Thank you very much! I really love your work. :)

Wow...that took a while. Been busy helping to get some RPG materials off the ground:

Still a fantastic pack. New content!


Thanks! =)

I bought this yesterday and it was perfect for a retro space game I am working on. The sprite sheet is easy to use and it's clear what everything is for. The artist was very quick to answer my questions.